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Family Promise of Ogden is a shelter for homeless families, with young children. We are different than regular shelters because we not only provide for the physical needs, like a place for them to stay and food, but we also help them and teach them how to be self-sufficient. We help them learn the skills that they will need to maintain independence. We do intensive case management to help our clients overcome roadblocks to independence. There is a big homeless population in Ogden. If you walk down Wall Avenue, you'll see it.

A conversation with Arva Rice, the President & CEO of the New York Urban League.

Lexy Smith speaks with Raquel Da Silva the Executive Director of Family Promise of Ogden. Family Promise of Ogden helps families with children who are homeless find shelter. Da Silva explains how the cost of living has pushed more families out of stable housing and onto sofas and into cars. Da Silva details how many unhoused exist due to generational situations. Da Silva shares the successes of different clients and how they have gone from the streets to owning homes and businesses.

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Thank you to our sponsors, our guest speaker, and all who attended and supported us behind the scenes to put on this wonderful annual event. We look forward to seeing you again next year.

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Did You Know?

In a typical Family Promise program over half of the guests are children, most of whom are under the age of 6
750,000-1,000,000 U.S. children experience homelessness each year
Families account for 40% of our nation’s homeless people

We are constantly growing and evolving.  For our next big goal, we’d like to own our own building.  A place we can call our own.

OurSuccess Success Stories

2023 Family Success Story #4

2023 Family Success Story #4

*Samantha and her two girls, ages one and three, joined the Shelter Program at Family Promise of Ogden, fleeing from
2023 Family Success Story #3

2023 Family Success Story #3

*Jessica and *Tyler entered in our Shelter Program with their two daughters, ages two and four. When they arrived, they
2023 Family Success Story #2

2023 Family Success Story #2

*Mary and *Jason were separated and living apart. *Mary and her four children moved to Utah to be with their

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