2022 Family Success Story #3

Meeting Susan for the first time, she seemed very hesitant and guarded, and rightfully so. As a survivor of domestic violence, she had pushed through her hardships to continue providing for her two little girls. Facing homelessness was something that was new to her, and after staying at the local homeless shelter she was referred to Family Promise of Ogden. After reviewing her case, she seemed like the perfect candidate for our Shelter and Self-Sufficiency program. She was very motivated to start working again so she could provide for her daughters. Getting her own apartment was a big goal for her, and with the help of one of the other residents in our program, they were able to team up and move in together. They found a safe, affordable place to make a home for their families. Due to her medical conditions, she was forced to apply only for specific types of work, but even so, he was able to find a job working with cars, which is one of her hidden passions. Susan took advantage of every opportunity Family Promise had to offer. She was willing to put in the work, open herself up to the possibility of change, and be vulnerable enough to ask for help. She did all of the above and was able to create a new life for herself and her daughters. Susan was not only able to learn new skills during her time at Family Promise, but she was also able to teach. She was very helpful in giving ideas to make our program better and more efficient. She left our program with the confidence to tackle the world on her own, in a self-sufficient and sustainable manner.

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