2022 Family Success Story #4

When Kasie came into our program she had next to nothing. She had no place to live, no job, and no form of transportation. Kasie had fallen on hard times, like all of us who were affected by Covid-19, but Kasie had lost more than most. Despite this, she was able to show amazing progress while in our program. Within only eight weeks, she was able to attain a new and better-paying job, learned how to use the city bus as a viable means of transportation, and was able to find a new apartment. Kasie is a great example of taking the program outlines and expectations and completing them to the fullest. She was able to utilize not only our program’s resources, but also the resources of programs that Family Promise works with to create a new sustainable future for her and her two children. She was willing to work hard from day one and reaped the fruits of her labors in the most fulfilling way. The lessons learned here at Family Promise will help keep Kasie and her family from experiencing homelessness again when tough times arise in the future. Kasie knew her potential–she understood that homelessness was just an experience that her family was going through; it isn’t who they are. She was able to successfully change her experience through hard work and dedication. She now has goals and drive that will propel her through future challenges. This desire will ultimately help her to be successful in any aspect of her life.

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