2017 Family #1 Success Story

When Brenda** and her son first came to Family Promise of Ogden, they had been moving from friend’s house to friend’s house for nine months after their apartment was sold to the city, creating a lack of stability and security for both of them. Due to physical limitations, Brenda had been unable to maintain employment. Through the diligent work and support of staff and volunteers at Family Promise of Ogden, Brenda was able to find employment with steady hours. She found hope as her physical limitations were accommodated by her new employer. Her son was able to make substantial progress to catch up on school credits, and they both were able to obtain bus passes for transportation. Brenda and her son were able to start fresh by getting their own apartment. They experienced the comfort and confidence that comes from being economically stable and independent. Brenda also found a second job upon graduating the program.

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