2020 Family #3 Success Story

After 17 years of marriage, Grace’s* husband unexpectedly sprang the news on his wife and children that he wanted a divorce. Grace immediately moved out to live with relatives until the divorce could be finalized, but the family couldn’t support Grace and her three children for very long. Suddenly, Grace was homeless with three children. The stress took a heavy toll, and Grace knew she needed help. She came to Family Promise of Ogden, where selfless volunteers offered love and encouragement to the broken family. Grace learned more stress management skills, left an overnight job, and found a new career while in our program. She found housing assistance, childcare, and eventually, a permanent apartment where she and her children could build a new life. With the help of Family Promise, Grace and her sons found relief from the burdens of homelessness. Since graduating from our program, Grace has received a promotion and even helped another of our clients to get a job. She is now looking for better-paying jobs to improve her quality of life even further.

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