2022 Family Success Story #2

Julie stumbled upon our organization while experiencing homelessness for the first time in her life. Julie had always been a hard worker, providing for her 3 boys and working full time. She put her college education on hold to take care of her family. After standing up for herself in an abusive relationship, she found herself with no place to live. She started out living in hotels but soon realized she would need more help. Due to working full time and providing the best she could, she made too much money for most state assistance programs. This left her with next to nothing. Julie hit the ground running the moment she entered the program, looking hard for a new apartment and possibly better employment. She was the perfect resident, always very tidy and clean, always offering to help, and always doing her best to keep the group atmosphere positive and moral high. After only one month of dedicated work, she received a major promotion as a store manager for a new company. This job also came with an impressive increase in pay. She and one of our other residents from the program supported each other, and together, they were able to come up with enough money for a new place to live. She is a great example of getting back on your feet after falling on hard times. She made no excuses and made progress every day toward creating her own independence for not only herself, but her family as well. She used our Shelter and Self-Sufficiency Program to her benefit, and now will know how to prevent homelessness if hard times should ever arise again. 

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