2023 Family Success Story #1

*Elizabeth was a single mom of three little girls. In the freezing Utah winter, she escaped domestic violence with her children. They sheltered in a motel, *Elizabeth without a car or driver’s license. Shortly after moving, two of her children fell ill and were hospitalized. With *Elizabeth tending to her children, she was unable to work and was worried that she would lose her job. *Elizabeth joined the Shelter Program at Family Promise of Ogden. With the help of a Case Manager, *Elizabeth explained her situation to her employer, and was able to continue working full-time. Simultaneously, she studied hard and passed her driver’s license test! Throughout their stay, Elizabeth and her daughters discovered painting as an activity to cope with their fear and uncertainty. Over the ten-week program *Elizabeth saved enough money and eventually, she was approved for three apartments!  By the end of her stay at Family Promise, *Elizabeth not only secured an apartment closer to her work, but she was able to pay three months’ rent up front.

*Names have been changed to protect clients’ confidentiality