2023 Family Success Story #3

*Jessica and *Tyler entered in our Shelter Program with their two daughters, ages two and four. When they arrived, they had nothing. Most of their money was spent on motels, food, and other necessities. Due to the stress caused by homelessness, their children had regressed in their potty training. Once in the program, *Jessica and *Tyler focused on filling out every application the Case Manager gave them and applying to local resources. They also took parenting classes to help manage their children’s emotional distress. Over their stay, the children were able to recover and re-learn their toilet training. Initially, *Jessica and *Tyler were unemployed and struggling to find jobs despite their best efforts. They experienced several setbacks and obstacles, yet remained committed to moving away from homelessness. *Tyler found a full-time job, and *Jessica found a part-time job. They were excited to go to work every day. Even better, *Jessica and *Tyler secured flexible work schedules, allowing at least one parent to supervise the children, while the other worked. As they worked the couple saved as much money as they possibly could. Their dedication paid off when they put a down payment on a car! Shortly after buying their car, they were able to find an apartment. Eventually, *Tyler was offered a permanent position at his job and it came with a raise.  When*Jessica, *Tyler, and their two daughters left the program, they had steady employment, transportation, and a brand-new apartment. 

*Names have been changed to protect clients’ confidentiality